Friday, 20 February 2015

Burberry Menswear spring / summer collection
At first I was weary of Burberry's new menswear collection; I felt it was dated and a little too safe. But out of the collection I found these two coats, one from the 'Brit' and, one from 'London' collection.
As you can see I picked out a trench coat which is Burberry's signature piece, this trench coat is lambskin and is in a colour described as 'dark canvas blue' I like this piece because it's classic but also has a leather look bringing a slight change to Burberry's typical style. This piece is enough to smarten up an outfit but not too dressy that you couldn't wear it for everyday, the coat is slim fit and has classic fastenings and features for a trench coat. My second pick is the 'Bonded cotton Gabardine coat' in the colour 'stone'. This coat is not Burberry's typical style and brings an idea of slight change among the collection. Although these coats are considered as 'safe' the rest of the collection is pretty different I picked these two because they're classic but in some ways diverse to the original style. Since reviewing these coats my ideas on the Burberry collection has changed and I can see qualities in a few other items.